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Ayna Kaur Virk M.A.

Individual, Couple & Family Therapist

Ayna provides a listening ear in the midst of a chaotic world. As your counselor, she is committed to creating a safe environment to retreat, explore, and grow. She utilizes a Narrative Therapy approach to help clients understand the story of their lives; who is the narrator, who is staying, and who is leaving. As a South-Asian woman, she understands the strife and complexities of carrying this identity while navigating societal pressures and familial obligations. Ayna has a particular passion for the South Asian community, working with individuals who struggle with depression, anxiety, life transitions, grief, processing trauma, and identity issues. She offers a judgment-free zone for clients to explore their stories and walk with them through life and its challenges.

Her ideal client is someone wrestling with identity, learning to navigate young adult years, dating, or family concerns. They may come from a strict household or an immigrant family where identities are given, not found. They want to learn who they are and who they are willing to take with them on their journey. They want to heal, face the truth of what happened to them, and be bold enough to find their true selves. They have goals to understand themselves and the world around them.

“I am passionate about mental health, growth, and healing. I care deeply about creating a safe space that will guide you to healing and growth. I offer a judgment-free zone to explore your story and walk you through life and its challenges.”

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