Sunitha Chandy, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

  Dr. Chandy’s goal is to work with people to help them navigate pain and tension and turn it into growth that improves their lives, relationships, communities and the world.  She is passionate about equipping people with the support that fits their cultural context and unique situations.  Dr. Chandy is passionate about seeing her clients grow and develop to their full potential. That means accepting who they are and learning to authentically navigate their situations.  Dr. Chandy believes strongly in developing authenticity, self-care and balance.

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Ben Tudor, M.A.

Couple and Family Therapist

Ben is passionate about bringing the real world into the therapy room so that skills and development can improve people’s daily lives.  Ben is comfortable working with couples and families knowing that there is so much growth and development that can come from healthy relationships.  Even when working with individuals, Ben takes his time to understand the unique relational, cultural and personal experiences that shape the strengths and struggles of his clients.  His commitment to social justice and therapy, for all people, fuels his goals to equip those he works with the tools needed to thrive.

Ruth Nathaniel, M.A.

Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Ruth delights in walking with individuals through all seasons of life. She is passionate about working to aid her clients to move from flying on “autopilot” into increasing consciousness and mindfulness, so they can actively accomplish their goals one step at a time. Ruth aims to help her clients identify and override the skills and habits that may have worked in the past but are now holding their futures back. Ruth is a firm believer that an individual’s health overflows into their relationships and subsequent communities. She focuses on a holistic approach to mental health care through the integration of one’s culture, faith, values, and much more.


Sunitha Chandy, Psy.D.

Lead Trainer

Along with providing therapy and coaching services, Dr. Sunitha Chandy has been leading diversity, emotion regulation and stress management trainings in multiple arenas since 2000.  Her specialization with high risk populations in her clinical work has equipped her to aid teams, even those with intense conflict, come to a place of shared understanding and engagement.


Erin Foster

Co- Trainer

Erin Foster has been involved in cross-cultural communication and team development since 2006.  Her authentic and engaging style provides a foundation for teams to dig deep and share vulnerably which increases their engagement and interaction with course material.


Ryan Mercer


Ryan Mercer has extensive experience coaching small groups in the area of social and emotional development. His ability to actively model open vulnerability and acceptance creates space for participants to engage in thoughtful self-assessment to deepen their application of course material.



Carpe Ventus

Carpe Ventus, a Chicago-based non profit, develops redemptive relationships through life-giving risk, partnering with some of Chicago’s best mentoring organizations to serve under-resourced youth in the areas of poverty alleviation and violence prevention.  Using Chicago's natural resources, Carpe Ventus works to strengthen mentorship through sailing by providing access off the grid and onto the water where youths address life principles such as team work, communication, faith and fear, risk evaluation and contingency planning.  Carpe Ventus also runs team-building events for businesses and organizations applying the same risk taking skills that help our youth's thrive.


Why artesian?

Artesian wells are a product of well-placed pressure.  Artesian wells occur when pressure on the aquifer pushes water up the well without the need for a pump.  Therapy, coaching and consulting are all tools to help apply the gentle pressure at the right place and at the right to time to transform a situation of pain into one of growth and development.  Most often deep and meaningful change comes under pressure; that's when we are able to see what is really there under the surface, just waiting for a chance to break through.   We offer the support skills and training to equip you and your teams to thrive.

Why collaborative?

We aren't meant to do things alone.  We live in a context.  We live in communities, families, cities and nations.  These places shape who we are and how we function.  We are your partners in this journey, helping you with the tools and skills you’ll need to achieve your personal, professional and community goals.  We collaborate with individuals, groups, companies and non-profits to make lasting changes in their homes and workplaces.  The healthier we all are, the better suited we will be to transform our cities, nation, and ultimately, the world. 

Ruth Nathaniel, MA Clinical Mental Health Counselor
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