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Emotional & Relational Development

Sometimes it seems that if we could only make our emotions disappear our relationships and work would be that much easier. But what if our emotions aren’t the problem but the alarm? Learning to listen to our emotions, understand them and respond to them can help us tackle the big problems impacting our workplaces and relationships. Understanding our emotions and the emotions of others can unearth the shared values that will equip our teams to thrive.

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Making Your Emotions Work for You

Transforming emotions from roadblocks into fuel for the journey.

We often see our emotions as roadblocks.  They are the problems keeping us from staying calm, working hard and achieving our goals.  If only we could turn them off!  But what if our emotions aren’t the problem, but actually contain the information we need to be able to navigate the challenging situations we face?  This training is geared to help you understand the purpose of emotions, shift away from emotions that are too loud and translate what your emotions are communicating to you into action that will move you forward towards your growth goals.


Custom webinar and in-person options available. Any group size.

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Burnout, Stress and Imposter Syndrome

Roadmap to Emotional Health for the Long Haul

Life impacts us all, whether it’s managing others expectations, understanding your identity as a leader or navigating what path to take; we can’t shut out the impact our work has on us. Anxiety, insecurity, frustration, and confusion are normal, but when we are the leaders we often don’t know how to express, react or respond to these feelings. This training will focus on how to recognize and respond to the emotional weight of working with others and begin to teach skills to address the big emotions you’re dealing with to help you take care of yourself and bring your best to those you care for. 


Custom webinar and in-person options available. Any group size.

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Emotional Core Strength

Developing Meaning and Action to Guide Work/Life Balance

We all want balance, but what does that even mean? How do we do all the things expected of us at home and work while excelling? True balance is about core strength, walking that tight rope and allowing ourselves to shift and draw ourselves back to our center.

Our four session Core Strength course is all about uncovering the central values and beliefs that maintain your balance as you navigate through your varied roles. Through exercises and discussions, our training will help you:

  • identify the values and beliefs that build your core meaning

  • incorporate those values in your day to day tasks and activities

  • deal with competing values, and 

  • plot a course to integrate your values into how you live your life.


Series of custom sessions on Zoom. 4-12 participants per cohort.


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Equipping Relational Leadership

Collaborative Culture Building

We all want to work in organizations where our effort is recognized, our skills are valued, and we can grow and thrive.  Great organizations don’t just happen they are built.  Learn more about the social and relational dynamics that can build up or tear down your teams while learning the skills to assess your relational culture, identify areas of growth and chart steps to collaboratively build a healthy corporate community.  


Custom webinar and in-person options available. Any group size. Geared toward management level leadership.


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