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Wellness Workshop

for Non-Profits

Thursday, March 11, 12-1pm Central

This year has been incredibly stressful for non-profits and the people we serve. Join us for a free, one hour workshop with Psychologist Dr. Sunitha Chandy to gain perspective and skills to manage the weight you've been carrying.

Helping you thrive.

A 4-Week investment into the relationships on your team, hosted online using a combination of group Zoom calls and individual work. 

Experienced Artesian Collaborative therapists and facilitators will guide your team's conversations, creating a learning lab environment where it's safe to make mistakes and ask questions. This series can serve as the first step of diversity and inclusion work or as a deeper conversation along the journey.


Space to listen, reflect, respond and discuss in thoughtful ways that leads to transformative experiences for the individual as well as the team. 

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What participants are saying...

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I found a safe space to talk about my experiences without the fear of having these experiences devalued by others. I felt more confident in my ability to communicate across cultural lines.

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There were many moments in this workshop that turned out to be surprisingly insightful and revelatory.

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I could not have been more pleased with this training. This went a long way in helping to increase team members awareness of how our own life experiences, ethnic identity and race can really impact how we view things.

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