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Risky Business: Corporate Diversity Training Done Differently 



We live in a world where there is a lot of talk about diversity.  We've all had moments where such discussions center around what not to do and what not to say.  While many times this is sage advice such experiences often feel like we're just checking a box or reinforcing stereotypes.  Often employees leave feeling disconnected, judged, angry, misunderstood, or afraid of making a misstep in their interactions with colleagues.  What you get left with is inhibited communication, limited engaging interactions, and the status quo.



What if there could be more?  What if teams could be empowered to bring their full selves to the table, to feel safe enough to actively engage in projects with their unique perspectives, and learn to express that while also learning from and working with diverse others?  What if we could disrupt the expected work culture and have authenticity, open dialogue and creativity lead our solutions and innovations?  What if taking the risk to feel discomfort and to work through it led to healthier, successful, and more productive teams?  That sounds like a risk worth taking.


Our focus isn’t just on learning about diversity, it’s about experiencing it.  That includes the amazing qualities and resources our teams bring, along with the tension, misunderstandings, and minefield of cultural faux pas.  By being real about the tension and discomfort and versus avoiding it we equip teams to connect and grow even when things get hard.  Through experiential activities, discussion, and brief didactic our full-day training covers topics research has shown to be crucial in creating the psychological safety teams need to be able to fully utilize their diverse skill sets.  Our facilitators are trained in group dynamics, cross-cultural issues, and supporting productive and engaged interaction.

Stress, Burnout and Imposter Syndrome: 

Protecting your emotional health for the long haul. 

  • The main tool you use in your work is you. So how do you bring your best day in and day out and still care for and protect this tool? 

  • Life impacts us all, whether it’s managing others expectations, understanding your identity as a leader or navigating what path to take; we can’t shut out the impact our work has on us.


  • Anxiety, insecurity, frustration, and confusion are normal, but when we are the leaders we often don’t know how to express, react or respond to these feelings.

  • This training will focus on how to recognize and respond to the emotional weight of working with others and begin to teach skills to address the big emotions you’re dealing with to help you take care of yourself and bring your best to those you care for. 

Disrupting Stress and Fear 

Stress and fear play an important role in our lives yet when we don’t have skills to channel our stress to productive action we pay a high price- our health, relationships, and cognitive skills all take a hit. Disrupting the negative impact of stress takes intentional focus and action.  This training will equip you with the knowledge to understand how stress impacts your body, mind, and interactions and provide you with a series of skills to navigate through your stress to protect your well-being and bring your best into your professional and personal life.   

What We Offer

Topics Include


  • One Day or Two Day Intensives facilitated by our training specialists

  • Pre and post training consultations

  • Insights to improve cross-cultural understanding within your company/organization

  • Skills to keep your progress moving forward




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