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Surviving the 9-5:

Stress Management Boot Camp

Now you've done the deep breathing, soothed your body and your mind, what do you do when the problem is still there?  How do you take steps to engage versus avoid when the going gets tough?  If the shit is going to hit the fan, it's best to have an umbrella.

Our four week beyond the basics course moves past just how to cope and self-soothe to reduce the impact of stress and expands into practical steps to actively push through problems to find solutions and weather the storm.  This practical workshop focuses on teaching strategies to tolerate an unexpected crisis, come up with plans to actively move through it by accept roadblocks and actively participating in the midst of tension so problems get solved and you make it through.  

Session 1: Mindful distress tolerance
Session 2: Checking in versus checking out
Session 3: Radical acceptance
Session 4: Active participation

Beyond the Basics: Distress Tolerance and Active Participation

Feel like you're drowning under the pressures and expectations at work?  Do you find yourself at home and your mind is still stuck back in the office?    


Our four-session boot camp is geared to get you actively engaged in changing how you think, feel and act in response to your stress. This practical workshop will help you hone in on how stress is impacting your life, equip you with tools to calm your body, focus your mind and give you the confidence to face your next challenge.

Session 1: Recognizing the costs of stress
Session 2: How to respond to the signs of stress
Session 3: How to build margin
Session 4: Introduction to mindful thinking


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