let's talk about race…


Awkward. Painful. Scary. We know! It’s hard to talk about race, especially in teams you interact with every day. The Share Your Story Series will help your team have the conversation.

The Share Your Story Series

A 4-Week investment into the relationships on your team, hosted online using a combination of group Zoom calls and individual work. 

Experienced Artesian Collaborative therapists and facilitators will guide your team's conversations, creating a learning lab environment where it's safe to make mistakes and ask questions. This series can serve as the first step of diversity and inclusion work or as a deeper conversation along the journey.


Space to listen, reflect, respond and discuss in thoughtful ways that leads to transformative experiences for the individual as well as the team. 

4 Weeks To More Authentic Relationships


Write Your Personal Journey with Race (on your own)

Week 1:

Live Story Share with Guided Reflection (90 min Zoom call)

Week 2:

Process Others’ Stories and Respond (on your own)

Week 3:

Facilitated Discussion (90 min Zoom call)

Week 4:

Facilitated Discussion, Debrief & Next Steps (90 min Zoom call)

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Share Your Story Series.