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Find more information here about Artesian Collaborative's therapist-led trainings and exclusive resources for WBENC participants!

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Learn from mental health professionals.

We offer live Stress Management, DEI, and Leadership Training led by professional therapists, customized to the needs of your organization.


We prioritize authentic interaction, providing the support and resources you'll need to navigate tense issues in a way that yields growth.

Why Artesian?

Resources from our trainers to use during WBENC

WBENC Videos

Power of Crappy Feelings

When we're feeling bad, it's easy to avoid it. Do this instead.

Psychological Safety

Learn how psychological safety and psychological flexibility go hand in hand.

Morning Breathing

Use this breathing exercise to energize yourself as you start the day.

Evening Relaxation

Use this breathing exercise to unwind and recenter at the end of a busy day.

Stories We Tell Ourselves

Reframe the voice of your 'inner critic' and reconnect with your purpose.

Free Stress Management Workshop

Explore our free workshops for WBENC participants in April. Don't miss this opportunity to experience one of our most popular trainings.

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