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Translating mental health science into skills everyone can use.

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Our therapists help individuals, couples, and families transform pain into growth. 

Clinical Therapy
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Corporate Training

We bring the best of psychological science and mental health skills together to create healthy leaders and workplace communities.

Corporate Training
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Groups & Events

We offer affordable groups & events led by professional therapists to help you grow.

Groups & Events

Mental Health Resources for the Community

Your business helps us provide free and low-cost services to individuals and non-profits in Chicago.

What people are saying...

You provided the space for our leadership team to connect, reflect and take on additional resources as we continue to lead on this uncharted path. If we don't take care of ourselves we are not offering our full selves personally or professionally. 

Thank you for joining us and for truly supporting us. We are lucky to have Artesian Collaborative as a member of our extended team.

Thank you for enabling our team to learn from you and build resilience in a way that is emotionally open. Our team felt very safe and, therefore, able to be vulnerable.

Some of our corporate & community clients

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About Us

Our story.

What if the resources of mental health and psychology could be harnessed to transform not just individual lives, but workplaces and communities?


We've always been passionate about community mental health. But after years of working in this field, we realized that our definition of community had to expand. It had to include those facing barriers to access mental health resources and the frontline workers fighting to break them down. A healthy community is built through a reciprocal relationship between all the parts, individual, couple, family, workplace, community organization and care provider. 


In 2017 we set out to create a business that could provide services across a broad spectrum of our community - from boroughs to corporate boardrooms. Our team of therapists in Chicago have had the privilege of offering services and training for non-profits as well as large corporations. More than ever we see the need for counseling, coaching, training and support among the clients and communities we serve.

Why Artesian?

Artesian wells occur when pressure on the aquifer pushes water up the well without the need for a pump. Therapy, coaching and consulting are all tools to help apply the gentle pressure at the right place and at the right time, transforming a situation of pain into one of growth and development.

Why Collaborative?

We aren't meant to do things alone. We live in a context. We live in communities, families, cities and nations. These places shape who we are and how we function. We are your partners in this journey equipping you with skills and tools to achieve your personal, professional and community goals. The healthier we all are, the better suited we will be to transform our cities, nation, and ultimately, the world.

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Authentically Engaged

Sustainable growth demands engagement from every participant. We roll up our sleeves and help everyone step into the mess together.

Championing Community Growth

We help make changes directed towards the good of us all. Whether individuals, families, teams or organizations, internal change should lead to positive impact on our communities.

Compassionately Vulnerable

We create space for all feelings and perspectives. We approach relationships with accountability, grace, challenge, acceptance and hope.

About Us

Deep and meaningful change comes under pressure. That's when we're able to see what's under the surface just waiting to break through.


Sunitha Chandy PsyD, Founder & CEO

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Get Started

If you're looking for a therapist in Chicago, or are interested in therapist-led corporate training for your business, click below to learn more. If you're a non-profit and would like to learn how we can help your organization, visit our community mission page.

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