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Corporate Training Done Differently.

Take care of your most important asset - your people! We guide teams through challenging topics and help them feel good about it.

How are you looking to grow?

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Oftentimes the barriers to inclusion are not due to lack of information. Rather, we encounter conflict and emotional roadblocks that keep our teams and organizations stuck. We can help you get unstuck.

Stress Management

In our stress management courses, we guide teams through times of vulnerability by providing support, resources and skills so they can navigate tension and move towards balance and growth.

Relational Leadership

Sometimes it seems that if we could only make our emotions disappear our relationships and work would be that much easier.  But what if our emotions aren’t the problem but the alarm?


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Your journey with Artesian Collaborative

We work with you to find a fit for your people and your budget. Each training and consulting package is custom fit for your organization's needs and opportunities. Here are some examples of how this could look for your company.

New to the Journey

Set your company up for success as you start your journey toward a healthy workplace. We'll help you lay a foundation of openness and understanding so that you can tackle challenges that will inevitably arise.

Sample pathway:

  • Consultation sessions with leaders and key stakeholders.

  • Foundational trainings with all employees.

  • Follow up coaching sessions with leaders to set goals and strategies for ongoing work.

At a Crossroads

Are you currently experiencing conflict or crisis in your organization? We can help you shore up the basics of maintaining a healthy workplace and help navigate tensions already present in your teams. 

Sample pathway:

  • Consultation sessions with leaders and key stakeholders.

  • Coaching and intervention to address existing conflicts.

  • In depth training on various topics.

  • Follow up conultations with leaders.

Long-Term Health

If your company is already further along in journey toward workplace health, we can help you fine tune your skills and help you build on the work you've already done.

Sample pathway:

  • Consultation with leaders to identify growth areas.

  • Coaching and intervention to address existing conflicts.

  • In-depth training on various wellness topics

  • Sharpening emotional awareness and skills for healthy relating.

  • Ongoing trainings for onboarding new team members.


What participants are saying...

I found a safe space to talk about my experiences without the fear of having these experiences devalued by others. I felt more confident in my ability to communicate across cultural lines.

There were many moments in this workshop that turned out to be surprisingly insightful and revelatory.

I could not have been more pleased with this training. This went a long way in helping to increase team members awareness of how our own life experiences, ethnic identity and race can really impact how we view things.


How do you differ from other market providers? 

Many corporate training programs focus on communicating information about diversity, mental health and wellness. We take the fundamentals of psychological practice to help get at the root of problems that hold us and our teams back. We've found that the main barrier to change is not a lack of information, but rather tension and conflict that come along the way. Our approach is developmental, strengths-based and community-oriented. 


Do you offer e-learning solutions? 

We focus on creating live, interactive training experiences that are contextualized to the unique needs of our organization. This allows participants to engage with and respond  in the moment, connecting what they’re learning with how they live day to day in their particular work environment. While we do not currently offer self-paced online courses, all of our workshops can be done online via live Zoom webinars except for our Diversity Intensive which is designed as an in-person-only experience.

What are your fees? 

We work with you to determine a competitive price that fits your company and your needs. We are glad to offer our trainings as a one-time experience or as part of a series of trainings, workshops and coaching sessions to help you reach your goals for your organization. Fill out our interest form and we can discuss your needs.


What are your areas of expertise?

We help you have the real conversations that lead to change. We excel at facilitating spaces where teams can address the conflict and tension that keep us stuck. We currently offer trainings in diversity and inclusion, emotional health, and stress. For a number of clients, we've drawn from each of these to craft a custom training experience to meet the needs of their teams. 

Can you handle large groups?

We offer training options to accommodate most group sizes. We have worked with large corporations to train several thousand employees and also with teams of just a few leaders looking to sharpen their skills. We will work with you to determine a format and number of participants per session that fits your needs. A few of our trainings are formatted for smaller groups and will not be suitable for groups larger than 50.

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Training Interest Form

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Erin Foster SHRM-CP

Client Engagement Director

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