Meet Our Team

Sunitha Chandy Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist & Lead Trainer

Dr. Chandy’s goal is to help people navigate pain and turn it into growth that improves their lives, relationships and communities.

Jackie Chavez M.A.

Couples and Family Therapist

Jackie strongly believes in balance and growth, meaning she works together with her clients to turn pain into purpose.

Ben Tudor M.A.

Couples and Family Therapist

Ben is passionate about bringing the real world into the therapy room so that skills and development can improve people’s daily lives.

Erin Foster

Diversity Training and Curriculum Specialist

Erin Foster has been involved in cross-cultural communication and team development & leadership since 2006.

Rosondunnii Marshall M.A.

Couples and Family Therapist

Rosondunnii is passionate about helping clients move through the fears and doubts that come with stepping into change.

Ryan Mercer

Diversity Training and Curriculum Specialist

Ryan Mercer has extensive experience coaching small groups in the area of social and emotional development.

Our Philosophy

We nurture a community of professionals who provide excellent mental health services and training for all.

  • We are the foundation of the work we do. Learning and growth continues for the lifespan of our career. We take every opportunity to learn through conversation and collaboration, training and education and from the stories and experiences of our clients. For the team at Artesian Collaborative, developing as providers means getting to know our strengths and weaknesses intimately so we can utilize and protect from them for the growth of the group. We emphasize self-care, community care and meeting together regularly. We strive for mutual growth and development for all the organizations and individuals we work with.

  • We strive for a positive feedback loop; healthy people in healthy workplaces & families adding to the overall health of our communities and society which leads to healthy people. As an organization we recognize that our culture, communities and selves are in-process.  Our goal may not be accomplished in our lifetime. It will require active engagement. It will require sacrifice. It will require a team.

  • The hard work and sacrifice will be worth it.

As a team, we aspire to…

  • Create a business that embodies the values of growth through authenticity and community, emphasizing equity throughout its processes and structure.  

  • Develop a business model that can compensate its workers fairly while also allowing them to do work that is inspiring and life-giving.

  • Increase access to the skills and knowledge found in Clinical Psychology, Sociology and the counseling fields by providing services in non-traditional settings.

Available Position: Established Therapist

Established therapists will have the opportunity to develop their clinical practice through continued exploration of empirically validated and culturally competent clinical tools; support and training to supervise according to our model; foster their professional development and acquisition of skills needed for program development and collaboration with our community and corporate partners. 

Ideal Candidates

  • Have a masters or doctorate degree in clinical psychology, counseling psychology, social work, couples or family therapy (Psy.D., Ph.D., LCSW, LCPC or LMFT).

  • Are currently licensed in Illinois and able to practice independently.

  • Have experience working cross-culturally with a diversity of clients.

  • Have experience leading and facilitating large and small groups.

  • Have experience with supervision.

  • Have an interest in working with community organizations and companies.

Job Expectations

  • Build up to 25 clients per week caseload with at least two evenings a week by 12 months.

  • Once established in the practice, supervise one to two unlicensed clinicians.

  • Participate in all weekly supervisory and monthly staff meetings.

  • Work with a team to develop community-based projects and initiatives.

  • Additional opportunities to gain training and experience with our corporate training department.

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