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Sunitha Chandy PsyD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist & Lead Trainer

Dr. Chandy’s goal is to work with people to help them navigate pain and tension and turn it into growth that improves their lives, relationships, communities and the world. She equips clients with support that fits their cultural context and unique situations. Dr. Chandy is passionate about seeing her clients grow and develop to their full potential. That means accepting who they are and learning to authentically navigate their situations. Dr. Chandy believes strongly in developing authenticity, self-care and balance.

"I love helping people achieve their goals and make a difference in the world around them. I use an assets based approach where we focus on skills to address the problem as well as the skills you already."

- Trauma-focused work with individuals, children, and families
- Suicidal ideation and prevention
- Family and adolescent therapy
- 0-5 Interventions

Specializes In:
- Work-based conflict
- Cross-cultural issues
- Stress-management
- Cultural identity development
- Relational leadership

773-980-9679 x101

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