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Artesian Collaborative Community Conversations

Join our FREE, therapist-led community conversations in 2024. We're creating space to discuss important, challenging issues in a way that promotes healing and growth.

Upcoming Events

We're creating space to develop skills together as we discuss tense and important topics.

Understanding Silence: Breaking the Barriers of Stigma

April 25, 2024

Sexual Harassment

Zoom Webinar | 12PM-1PM CST

Join us to discuss the factors that make speaking up about sexual harassment and assault so difficult. We will explore steps we can take to create healing spaces for individuals and communities impacted by sexual violence.

Navigating Trauma While Trying to Live Life

October 17, 2024

Mental Health

Zoom Webinar | 12PM-1PM CST

Traumatic experiences change how we engage with ourselves and others, and can often leave us feeling the need to isolate. Together we'll explore how to respond to the traumatic events well and how to reconnect to the people and communities we care for.

How to Manage Your Ish Without Being a Jerk

June 20, 2024

Stress Management

Zoom Webinar | 12PM-1PM CST

Chronic stress, imposter syndrome, vicarious trauma, burnout - these are starting to become part of our everyday vocabulary. Join us as we discuss how we can move forward amidst these stressors without disrupting the relationships around us.

Bridging the Political Divide

August 16, 2024

Community Health

Zoom Webinar | 12PM-1PM CST

Our political beliefs are no longer just a part of civil discourse, but have become symbols of identity and belonging. Together we'll tackle how we can continue to move forward in political dialogue without disrupting the relationships with those around us.

Be Heard

People are seeking civil and safe places to talk about difficult topics related to mental health, stress, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our expertise supports individuals in the process and helps groups navigate tension.

Be Exposed to Diverse Ideas

An increasingly polarized community has isolated individuals and co-opted our algorithms. These conversations, curated by mental health professionals, create fresh opportunities to engage across differences, lean into places of vulnerability and move toward community growth.

Be Equipped with Skills & Resources

We take the best of attachment-based, systems-based psychological and sociological interventions out of the clinical space and into the community where skills can be built collaboratively.



Do I need to be camera-ready?

We would love for you to have your video on, but we understand if you're not able. Even with your video off, be prepared to participate in the discussion.

Should I be on mute or ready to talk?

With deep and important topics like these, we will all benefit from hearing each person's unique perspective, so please be ready to participate and share.

Will there be breakout rooms?

Most of our community conversations will have opportunities for discussions in breakout rooms, facilitated by our therapists.

What level of vulnerability is required?

We as participants to be as vulnerable as they feel comfortable. Our team of therapists will be present to support anyone who needs additional care during the conversation.

Is there a cost to be involved?

Our community conversations are free. These are our gift to the community and part of our mission to provide greater access to mental health resources for all.

If I have to miss, can I watch it later?

Since these conversations will prioritize connection and vulnerability, we will not be recording them to watch later. If you have to miss, you can always join another event in the future!

Meet Your Facilitators

Our team of professional therapists have extensive experience in implementing empirically-based, trauma-informed, and attachment-based interventions.

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