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Affordable groups & events to help you grow.

We're passionate about making mental health accessible for everyone. If cost is a barrier, the easiest way to start your growth journey is to join us for therapy groups and events.

Upcoming Therapy Groups & Events


June 1, 2024

Unmasking Grief: A Healing Circle

Community Event

This event provides a safe and supportive space to explore feelings of grief and loss, alongside joy and hope for the future. In a collaborative effort led by mental health experts and restorative justice practitioners, we'll utilize the restorative practice of Circle to facilitate healing dialogue and collective support.

A House in Austin | 12PM-4PM


August 16, 2024

Bridging the Political Divide

Community Conversation

Our political beliefs are no longer just a part of civil discourse, but have become symbols of identity and belonging. Together we'll tackle how we can continue to move forward in political dialogue without disrupting the relationships with those around us.

Zoom Webinar | 12PM-1PM CST


June 19, 2024

Movement for Trauma Group

Group Therapy

This 6-week journey will guide you through mindfulness exercises, movement, and processing sessions designed to deepen your connection with your body and release stored trauma.

Chi-Town Shakti | Wednesdays 5PM-6:30PM


October 17, 2024

Navigating Trauma While Trying to Live Life

Community Conversation

Traumatic experiences change how we engage with ourselves and others, and can often leave us feeling the need to isolate. Together we'll explore how to respond to the traumatic events well and how to reconnect to the people and communities we care for.

Zoom Webinar | 12PM-1PM CST


June 20, 2024

How to Manage Your Ish Without Being a Jerk

Community Conversation

Chronic stress, imposter syndrome, vicarious trauma, burnout - these are starting to become part of our everyday vocabulary. Join us as we discuss how we can move forward amidst these stressors without disrupting the relationships around us.

Zoom Webinar | 12PM-1PM CST

Book a Custom Event

Do you have a discussion topic or training you'd like to host for your community or team? Our past event and workshop topics have included:

  • Stress Management

  • Grief & Crisis Support

  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

  • Emotional Awareness

  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

  • Navigating Political Conflict

  • Healing Circles

  • Parenting Groups 

  • Youth Leadership Groups

  • Youth Violence Prevention

Affordable Therapy & Training

We offer affordable sliding-scale rates for individual, family, and couples therapy. We also offer discounted non-profit rates for our team trainings and workshops. If you need a sliding-scale or non-profit rate, inquire at booking.

Meet Our Therapists

All facilitators are professional therapy clinicians with expertise in translating skills and knowledge from the psychological sciences into culturally competent and appropriate solutions.

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