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Engaging the Tension of Diversity


It’s normal to experience discomfort when faced with conflicts around diversity; whether the difference is related to gender, race, class, sexuality, politics, or religion.  Issues of identity are deeply personal and teams need a framework to actively engage these topics in their workplace. Teams willing to step into the risk of authentic engagement can disrupt the status quo and create an environment that can tolerate discomfort, allowing employees to bring more of themselves to their work. 

Training Details & Format

Learning Objectives
  • Examine tension's purpose and its positive impact on individual and team growth and engagement.

  • Analyze how individual identity influences perspectives and group interactions.

  • Define microaggressions and discuss their impact on the aggressor, victim, and observer.

  • Explore different experiences of privilege based on different aspects of identity.

  • Recognize the two responses to differences in conflict situations and evaluate actions to foster a culture of belonging.

Skills & Core Concepts Addressed
  • Understanding Yourself

  • Tension of Bias

  • Tension of Privilege

  • Skills to Prepare for Tension

  • Approaching Differences Framework

Why this? Why now?

In times of tension, employees may disengage, choosing avoidance over collaboration. Mastering the skill of engaging during tension is crucial for a healthy workplace culture. An emotionally intelligent DEI foundation equips your team to address challenges in building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture and navigating tension when (not if) it shows up.

What is Artesian Collaborative’s approach to this issue?

Mindfulness is a key tool in combatting disengagement. In Engaging the Tension of Diversity, therapists offer reflective space for individuals to consider their feelings and experiences during discussions. This format fosters the capacity for further exploration post-training and intentional engagement with others to build connections.

Participant Feedback

“This training has helped me shift toward a growth mindset. I have learned that diversity and inclusion should be recognized and respected in our work teams.”

“I really enjoyed the pace of the training and the space allowed for self-reflection, rather than just a training on what being inclusive means. I’m able to better understand what forces are driving my behavior. I now know what to improve and how!”

“For the first time, I realized that I don't understand myself very well. The first thing I have to focus on is understanding myself so that I can better understand others.”

Our Training Team

As trained mental health professionals, our passion is to help people navigate pain and turn it into growth. Many corporate training programs are great at helping us address the symptoms of tension and conflict, but rarely get to the root of why we feel and act the way that we do. At Artesian Collaborative we believe that tension, conflict and discomfort are not merely problems to be solved. They are opportunities that, when used correctly, can transform our organizations, our relationships and ourselves.

As we train your team our primary goals are to:


  • Help your organization build a culture that supports psychological and emotional health.

  • Guide your team through tension and conflict in a way that builds understanding of themselves and others.

  • Facilitate interactive and interpersonal workshops that help teams experience positive interactions in the moment that can serve as a model for healthy organizational culture.

Sunitha Chandy Psy.D.

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