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Stress Management Skills


This training provides an in-depth exploration of four key stress management skills with opportunities for live practice, coaching, and at-home exercises. We offer two formats: a one-time 2-hour intensive which provides a broad-based quick boost, or a series of four 1-hour sessions that allow learning and practice to be spread out over several weeks capitalizing on the benefits of repetition and steady practice amid work life.

Training Details & Format Options


  • 2 Hour Intensive

  • Live Virtual or In-Person Session

  • Unlimited Participants


  • Series of Four, 1-Hour Sessions

  • Live Virtual or (Local) In-Person Session

  • Up to 20 Participants

Learning Objectives
  • Incorporate stress reduction skills and strategies into daily practices..

  • Create plans for clear communication in moments of stress

Additional objectives when completing the Series format
  • Identify and track experiences of individual stress response

  • Expand situational awareness by developing a calm mindset 

Skills & Core Concepts Addressed
  • Distinguishing Stress & Stress Responses

  • Mindfulness

  • Deep Breathing

  • Sensory Soothing

  • Coping Ahead

Why this? Why now?

Investing in preventative care now helps prevent burnout, boosts productivity, and enhances employee retention. Identifying stress is the first crucial step. In this session, we offer a toolkit of therapeutic stress management practices for daily use by your team. Rather than addressing burnout after it happens, this training empowers your team with preventative care strategies, fostering a grounded, less stressed, and more engaged work environment.

What is Artesian Collaborative’s approach to this issue?

While you can find various stress management tips independently, the strength of this training lies in practicing stress management skills collectively with the guidance of a mental health professional. Our objective is to provide skills that can be immediately applied in the workplace.

Participant Feedback

"This workshop was so helpful and informative! The facilitator’s explanations of mindfulness and coping with stress provided a deeper and more practical  understanding of otherwise familiar topics.”

“Artesian Collaborative holds very effective workshops. I attended their stress management workshop led by the very articulate Sithara. They provided a lot of helpful methods to help cope with and manage your stress. Very professional, highly recommended!”

Our Training Team

As trained mental health professionals, our passion is to help people navigate pain and turn it into growth. Many corporate training programs are great at helping us address the symptoms of tension and conflict, but rarely get to the root of why we feel and act the way that we do. At Artesian Collaborative we believe that tension, conflict and discomfort are not merely problems to be solved. They are opportunities that, when used correctly, can transform our organizations, our relationships and ourselves.

As we train your team our primary goals are to:


  • Help your organization build a culture that supports psychological and emotional health.

  • Guide your team through tension and conflict in a way that builds understanding of themselves and others.

  • Facilitate interactive and interpersonal workshops that help teams experience positive interactions in the moment that can serve as a model for healthy organizational culture.

Sunitha Chandy Psy.D.

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