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10 Ways to Incorporate Anti-Racism and Inclusion in Therapy

Dr. Chandy was featured on the Seala Counseling & Therapy Blog in an article by Sara Elkington listing 10 ways for therapists to incorporate anti-racism and inclusion into their work. This article is a fantastic collection of resources. To see the full list, read the post here.

“Statistics tell you about the group but they don’t give you great information on one person. You have no idea when they are in the norm or an outlier. How do you know if your research is based on stereotypes or facts? I know that my experience and response to being an Indian woman are uniquely different from many Indian women and has changed over time and situation. There are ways our experiences overlap and ways they diverge.” Dr. Sunitha Chandy
  1. Commit to an ongoing practice of readings and trainings.

  2. Focus your learning outside the therapy space, not in your interaction with clients.

  3. Get curious about a client’s unique experiences, rather than stereotyping.

  4. Become aware of ways in which you may be committing microaggressions.

  5. Validate the impact of race and racial trauma.

  6. Acknowledge difference and openly express your commitment to inclusivity.

  7. Use self-disclosure mindfully as a tool to bridge perceived social distances.

  8. Respect Black clients’ desires to see a therapist that shares their identity.

  9. Seek supervision and consultation.

  10. Recognize this is hard, ongoing work – and keep at it!

For full descriptions and associated resources for each of these, read the full post here.


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