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Resolve to Lean on Others in 2024

By Sunitha Chandy PsyD

As I reflect on 2023, I want to leave us all with a few words. The thing that I really want us to think about is that nothing grows when it's left in the dark.

When we think about the hard things, the challenges, the conflicts that we have been facing, it often feels easier if we just say, "You know what? I'm going to separate myself out. I'm going to keep things in." Sometimes it feels just too hard, just too scary to put our dreams, our worries, or our struggles out there.

One of the things that I have been learning about myself in 2023 is just how much I need the people around me to help me grow. It is incredibly vulnerable to take something - a dream, an area of growth - to put it in front of people when it's in that small and vulnerable stage, and trust that those around you are going to help support and nurture it to help bring it into the light and allow it to develop into something that can help your community.

At Artesian Collaborative, we're all about stepping into the tense things, and we know that the work ahead of us in 2024 is going to be full of challenges. It has been an amazing privilege this year of watching our individual couples and family clients, as well as the companies, nonprofits, and organizations that we get to work with, that we have gotten to watch you step into the challenges that you have faced, to take hold of the skills that you have, and to attempt to learn new ones, and use them to move your values and goals forward.

We are here with you in the struggle to keep things moving forward in 2024. Looking forward to the ways that we all are going to see this growth, no matter what challenges find us. Remember, in moments when you are uncertain if it's safe enough to bring something out there in the open, that there are skills, supports, and resources available for you.


Let's talk about the hard stuff.

Artesian Collaborative is a mental health practice based in Chicago. We excel at guiding individuals and teams through tense and difficult topics - and helping them feel good about it.

Our therapists provide mental health counseling for individuals, couples, and families. Our team also leads corporate and community trainings in the areas of Stress Management, Diversity Equity & Inclusion, and Relational Leadership.


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