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Breaking the Cycle of Burnout

By Jackie Chavez M.A.

Burnout is...

Burnout is our mind and body's natural reaction to prolonged periods of stress and exhaustion. It can show up in a number of different ways.

Below we'll begin sharing some ways to break the cycle of burnout - but of course, reading this post this doesn't replace getting care! If you're experiencing burnout, don't hesitate to reach out to us or another mental health professional for support.

1) Recognize the signs of burnout.

Burnout can show up in many different ways. Our first step is to slow down and notice what's going on physically, emotionally or behaviorally.

Sometimes the signs are easy to recognize, sometimes they're not - you may want to get help from a mental health professional if you're feeling unsure!

2) Prioritize self-care.

If you're noticing signs of burnout, you can start taking steps to take better care of yourself. It's helpful to find methods of self care that address the particular symptoms you are experiencing.

For example - prioritizing a full night's sleep or setting limits with media consumption. Or, if you're dreading your mornings, you can add practices like going for a leisurely walk or leaving time for morning meditation.

3) Create boundaries…

…and reduce exposure to stressors when possible. If we can recognize what's causing burnout we can work toward setting healthy boundaries.

For example, if your work is causing significant stress, take actions to set appropriate boundaries such as: Not overworking, not overextending yourself, adjusting your work assignments, taking your vacation days, not answering emails outside of work hours, etc.

4) Seek Support.

You're not alone! Reach out to your community and find ways to be socially connected to people who care about you. You don't always need to talk about your stress with them, but connecting with people you love can help you reconnect with your values and recenter yourself.

We also recommend seeking help from a mental health professional to work through the particular aspects of stress that are causing you to feel burned out.


Let's talk about the hard stuff.

Artesian Collaborative is a mental health practice based in Chicago. We excel at guiding individuals and teams through tense and difficult topics - and helping them feel good about it.

Our therapists provide mental health counseling for individuals, couples, and families. Our team also leads corporate and community trainings in the areas of Stress Management, Diversity Equity & Inclusion, and Relational Leadership.


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