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Deepen Your Relationship With The Lasting App

The Lasting App is a great new tool that helps you take a deeper look at your relationship with your partner.

It offers multiple “Series” ranging from the “Essentials” covering broad themes like Communication and Conflict, as well as more specific themes such as Sex, Family Culture, and differing “Life Stages” like Premarital and Parenthood.

Within each “Series”, there is a short assessment to help each individual privately determine the strength and growth areas of your relationship. Next, there is often a short audio recording that helps conceptualize a particular area of relationship health and offers some tips to get there.

Then, guided by prompts, you are invited to write about your perspective, your issues and your relationship. When you’re done, your partner gets a loving nudge on their phone to let them know you have completed your portion and it is ready to be read and compared to their personal responses. On top of this interaction and introspection, there are frequent online classes and retreats for couples to take together, led by Lasting’s therapists.

What I really like about this app is that it offers space and distance to think and learn about yourself and your relationship from a meta-perspective. I also really appreciate the time it allows to thoughtfully choose your words and your message.

This app can be used by couples that want to better understand their partner’s world and shine some light on their blind spots. For couples who find themselves in a more vexed point in their partnership, this app can be used smoothly and congruently with guidance from a couples therapist. All in all, I see this as a tech startup with heart. As a personal offering, I have used it in my relationship and I recommend it for yours.

Review written by Artesian Collaborative Therapist, Ben Tudor MA


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