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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Trainings

In this training series we aim to first address the fundamental sources of conflict that are causing tension within our teams and then practice skills to move toward greater trust and growth.


We'll follow a three part developmental pathway: Starting Point, Skills for the Journey, and Strength for the Long-Haul. Explore the workshops listed and find what best fits the needs of your organization. Whether you’re farther along on the DEI journey or just starting out, we’re excited to help you take the next steps!

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Why Bother with DEI?

Talking about diversity, equity and inclusion can cause discomfort or even outright resistance. We’ll help participants begin to identify the emotions that keep them stuck and share why DEI work is essential for the success of our organizations. 


Concepts & Skills Addressed

  • Introduction to DEI

  • Internal Barriers to DEI

  • Cost of Ignoring Diversity

2 Hour

Live Virtual Session

Unlimited Participants

Engaging The Tension of Diversity (Virtual)

Tension is normal when addressing equity and inclusion. This reflective, 3-hour webinar goes beyond the basics of diversity to unearth the underlying emotional barriers that keep us stuck.

Concepts & Skills Addressed

  • Understanding Self

  • Identity Awareness

  • Naming Microaggressions

  • The Tension of Privilege

3 Hour Live Interactive Webinar 

Virtual Only

Unlimited Participants

Engaging the Tension of Diversity (Intensive)

This in-person workshop expands on the concepts presented in our Tension of Diversity training by providing space for experiential learning and discussion. Customizable for your team.

Tension of Diversity skills plus:

  • Group Discussion

  • Team Learning 

  • Interactive Experiences

1-2 Days  

In-Person Only

12-50 Participants

Ideal for Management Level


Microaggressions Workshop

Learn intervention skills to effectively address workplace microaggressions that arise from unconscious bias. These skills reduce harm for the aggressed while fostering growth and connection for all parties involved.


Concepts & Skills Addressed

  • Acknowledging Bias

  • Intervention Skills

  • Bias Harm Reduction

2 Hour  

Virtual or In-Person

Unlimited Participants

DEI Consulting for Management

Meet with our  lead trainer and Psychologist for in-depth consultation to address particular DEI issues that your company or organization is facing.

Concepts & Skills Addressed

  • Addressing Conflict

  • Employee Care 

  • Pursuing Equity

  • Crisis Management



Virtual or In-Person

1-3 Participants

Management Level

Trainings Listing
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Explore More Trainings

We offer trainings in 3 key learning areas: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Stress Management, and Relational Leadership. You can also view our full list of offerings by downloading our catalog.

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