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Get to the heart of DEI.

Our therapists guide participants to examine the underlying emotions that keep organizations stuck. We offer interactive, therapist-led DEI workshops for corporate teams and non-profits.

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"The thing about unconscious bias is that it's unconscious. We must learn to observe our inner world so that we can understand ourselves. Only then can we begin to understand others."

Dr. Sunitha Chandy PsyD
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Trainings We Offer

Barriers to inclusion are not due to lack of information. Rather, we encounter conflict and emotional roadblocks that keep our teams stuck.


All of our workshops are led by Masters and Doctoral level therapists. As professional mental health practicioners we have the tools to help your team get unstuck. Explore our corporate DEI workshops to see what best fits the needs of your team.

Why train with a therapist?

Change happens when we address underlying emotions. As therapists, we're uniquely equipped to guide your team through that journey. We bring:

Professional Expertise

Emotions are complex. We have therapeutic knowledge and real-life experience to help us teach concepts related to emotions.

Trauma-Informed Care

Trainings that emphasize emotions may bring up sensitive topics such as past traumas, conflicts, or triggers. We create safe spaces and manage such discussions with sensitivity and ethical concern.

Psychological Safety

As we explore more deeply together, we create a safe and supportive environment for participants to share and process their emotions.

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Interactive Facilitation

As trained therapeutic facilitators, we lead interactive activities, group discussions, and role-plays to foster deeper exploration and experiential learning. 

Individualized Guidance

Growth often requires personalized feedback. We can provide individualized support and insights that consider the specific needs of each participant. 

Nuanced Skills

Emotions-focused growth involves nuanced skills such as self-awareness and empathy. As therapists, we help participants understand these skills and learn how to apply them in real life.

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Meet Your Facilitators

Copy of Sunitha Chandy, Psy.D
Dr. Sunitha Chandy PsyD

Leader Trainer and Founder

Sithara Stohr LCSW


Ben Durschlag LCSW


What participants are saying...

The most helpful part of this training was the opportunity to be vulnerable with our team. It’s rare that I’ve had a chance to experience this level of trust and openness in a work environment. It was different than what I expected, but fantastic.

This was fantastic and not a cookie cutter training where you’re spoken at. Extremely interactive and thought provoking.

My gender and culture both are in the minority here, but the openness to discuss and have your team articulate the problems using a solution focused lens - which is practical and feasible for us all - has been very helpful. I left the session very inspired and more hopeful for the possibility of change.

Some of our corporate & community clients

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We want to meet the specific needs of your company or organization. Fill out our training interest form and Erin will be in touch soon to schedule an interest call.

Erin Foster SHRM-CP

Client Engagement Director

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