Diversity & Inclusion Trainings

Our goal is to improve cross-cultural communications and interactions by equipping participants to think critically about how their life experiences, culture and environment impact how they interact with others and tap into the tension that this creates. Tension doesn’t have to be a roadblock but rather the catalyst for your teams to connect to their shared values and move towards growth, connection and change. We believe that everyone’s story and experience is important and honoring each person’s perspective is the best way to help people grow and engage in uncomfortable but necessary topics.

Diversity Foundations

Developing the Heart for Diversity

Our Foundations training is an opportunity to stop, listen and reflect on the internal factors that hold back or propel our movement forward towards a more inclusive and connected workplace. Tension, fear and anger are normal responses to cultural clashes and too often we choose silence and avoidance versus creating space to learn from that tension. When we don't address issues of diversity, equity and inclusion we spend our time and energy avoiding situations versus using that time and resource to grow, develop and innovate with our team. We can't skip the moments of tension without also skipping the opportunities for growth. There is a wealth of resources waiting for us if we can develop the safety and humility to engage in this work together.

Through engaging activities, didactics, and opportunities for reflection our training capitalizes on the benefits of diversity and inclusion work to establish a shared language and commitment towards growth so teams can navigate through tension and develop the skills and stamina needed for the journey.


Live custom webinar. Any group size.


Diversity Intensive

Harnessing the Power of Diversity

Our Diversity Intensives includes experiential activities, group discussion, personal reflection as well as  brief didactics to create a dynamic and effective environment for adult learning. Our goal is to create psychological safety for teams which then enables them to utilize their diverse skill sets fully. This training follows a developmental structure where participants with different exposure and experience with DEI work can grow together.


One-Day Intensive

This interactive training furthers participants' understanding of their identity, the identity of others and how to communicate effectively to address tension and unearth strengths and assets. The activities, discussion and teaching are designed to help teams experience dissonance and apply skill in the moment to experience first hand how they can navigate tension, build connections and increase psychological safety with their teams.


In-person training only. Ideal group size 15-50 participants per session.

Two-Day Intensive

Our two-day intensive expands on our one-day intensive by providing a deeper dive into the topics around Identity Development, Identity Journeys and Reconciliation. The interactive format allows participants to use their deeper understanding of their strengths, blindspots and areas of growth and knowledge to engage in conversations and practice skills. This empowers participants to be intentional in their leadership and focus on team development.  


In-person training only. Ideal group size 15-50 participants per session.

Diversity Skills

Committing to Culture-Changing Action

How do we apply our knowledge about equity and inclusion during tense situations or difficult relationships? Our skills are about navigating the nuance and social context when conflict and tension show up. We don’t live in a vacuum, so we don’t learn in a vacuum. Our learning labs are about practical skills that we can use in the moment and on the go with our teams and colleagues.

Share Your Story Series

If you are ready to take lead you team into a deeper level of cross cultural understanding and trust, the Share Your Story Series is the right next step for you.  This series serves as both a first step or a deeper conversation along the journey of diversity and inclusion work.

Share Your Story Series creates space along a 4-week engagement to help us push past our fears, share our stories, listen and learn from the stories of each other to equip us as we work together to share our journey with racial injustice and address the roots of silence that allow this inequity to continue.

Our team of experienced therapists and facilitators create a learning lab environment where participants can safely share their development through racial awareness in a way that emphasizes growth.


Growth is often a painful process yet when we learn to be honest and real about our experiences, make mistakes, say things the wrong way and are given space to receive feedback, encouragement and support then we can make the changes needed to sustain continued growth towards justice. Meaningful progress requires the pace of business and the speed of soundbites to slow down. The Share Your Story Series is an opportunity to do just that.


4 custom sessions on Zoom. 4-8 participants per cohort.

Microaggressions and Microinterventions

Learn more about the impact of microaggressions and the ways it impacts everyone involved: aggressors, aggressed and observers. Develop microintervention strategies to help teams and individuals respond to bias in action in a way that reduces the damage it causes and creates growth, connection and inclusivity 


Custom webinar and in-person options available. Any group size.

Identity Journeys

Our identities change and develop over time through our particular situations and experiences. The same is true for those with whom we work. Sometimes we are just becoming aware of an aspect of our identity. Sometimes we feel defensive about an identity we hold. Sometimes we feel at peace with it and eager to help others understand us. Conflict often occurs when we misunderstand where we and others are in this identity journey.

The ups and downs of identity development are well documented and can be laid out as a journey through defined stages of growth. In this training we’ll walk you and your team through each of the Identity Journey stages to help everyone gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their team members.


Custom webinar and in-person options available. Any group size.

Stress, Vulnerability and Approaching Differences

This training will flesh out the role stress, vulnerability and expectations can play when we are confronted by differences. We naturally seek to avoid discomfort, yet avoiding the tension caused by cultural and identity differences maintains the problems that derail our relationships. This training will equip you with communication strategies and practical steps to address culture clashes and create a supportive and healthy workplace culture.


Custom webinar and in-person options available. Any group size.