Relational Leadership Trainings

Sometimes it seems that leadership would be so much easier if it just didn't involve people. But becoming an effective leader means intentionally building our emotional and relational intelligence so we can connect to the shared values that will equip our teams to thrive.

Our Relational Leadership Training Series draws from clinical, developmental and behavioral psychology to help participants learn to identify emotions and make them useful for positive change.

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Bringing Your Emotions to Work

This training strengthens emotional intelligence by helping you understand the purpose of emotions and basic skills for regulating them. We’ll learn to start translating what our emotions are communicating to us and how they can help us achieve our goals at work.

Concepts & Skills Addressed

  • Internal Awareness

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Presence & Engagement

2 Hour  

Virtual or In-Person

50+ participants

Equipping Relational Leadership

Together we’ll learn more about the social and relational dynamics that can build up our teams or tear them down. We will also practice skills to identify areas of growth for your organization and chart steps to build a healthy corporate culture.

Concepts & Skills Addressed

  • Seeking Understanding Engaged Listening

  • Navigating our Many Roles

  • Organizational Culture

  • Burnout Prevention

2 Hour

Virtual or In-Person

50+ participants

Ideal for Management Level

Emotional Core Strength Intensive  

This workshop focuses on uncovering the values and beliefs that help you maintain your balance as you navigate through your varied roles, personal and professional. We’ll practice skills to incorporate these values into our daily lives and work.

Concepts & Skills Addressed

  • Personal Core Values

  • Values Integration

  • Internal Conflict

  • Intentional Living

2 Hour  

Virtual or In-Person

50+ Participants

Emotional Core Strength Series

This series provides an in-depth look at each of the concepts addressed in our Emotional Core Strength Intensive with opportunities for live practice, coaching, and at-home exercises between sessions. 


Session 1: Values-Based Life

Session 2: The Tension of Living Well

Session 3: Priorities & Value Conflicts

Session 4: Developing an Internal Compass

Core strength intensive plus…

  • At-Home Practice

  • Skills Coaching

  • Group Learning

Four 1 Hour Sessions

Virtual Only

8-12 Participants

Emotional Health Consulting for Management

Meet with our  lead trainer and Psychologist for in-depth consultation to further develop a culture of relational leadership and emotional health within your organization.

Concepts & Skills Addressed

  • Assessing Culture

  • Employee Care 

  • Organizational Health

  • Culture Development



Zoom Meeting

1-3 Participants

Management Level


Individual Coaching

Our therapists are available to provide one-on-one coaching to aid personal performance and satisfaction at work. Coaching is different than therapy and focuses on the development and implementation of strategies to reach your goals.



Zoom Meeting

1 Participant


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We offer trainings in 3 key learning areas: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Stress Management, and Relational Leadership. You can also view our full list of offerings by downloading our catalog.