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Stress Management Trainings

We all have the power within ourselves to navigate stress effectively. Throughout our Stress Management Training Series, our professional therapists will use methods derived from clinical, developmental and behavioral psychology to help participants examine the sources of stress in their lives while learning how to effectively deal with stress when it comes.

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Our Approach to Stress

We all experience stress in the workplace, but we rarely slow down enough to address it. In this presentation, Dr. Sunitha Chandy shares the key steps for learning to pause and acknowledging our emotions.

Trainings Listing
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AC Website Illustrations 2022 Update-16.png
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Stress Management in Uncertain Times

This discussion-based seminar will help your team examine the emotional impact of destabilizing events, such as external societal challenges, grief and organizational disruptions.

Concepts & Skills Addressed

  • Communal Care

  • Identifying Stressors

  • Processing Emotions

1 Hour Live Interactive Webinar

Virtual Only

Unlimited Participants

Burnout & Imposter Syndrome

Many of us are more insecure about our work than we realize. Together we’ll explore the stress that Imposter Syndrome causes and how it can increase our risk of burnout.

Concepts & Skills Addressed

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • Understanding Emotions

  • Burnout Prevention

2 Hour

Virtual or In-Person

Unlimited Participants

Stress Management Intensive 

This workshop gives an overview of the 4 Key Stress Management Skills that we have found most effective in our therapy work. We will examine how stress impacts our minds, our bodies, our relationships and our work.

Concepts & Skills Addressed

  • Impact of Stress

  • Reducing Stress

  • Self Care

  • Mental Calm

2 Hour  

Virtual or In-Person

Unlimited Participants

Stress Management Skills Series

This series provides an in-depth look at each of the 4 Key Stress Management Skills with opportunities for live practice, coaching, and at-home exercises between sessions. While we offer this material in a one-time intensive training (previous) this 4 session format is especially effective for helping participants form habits that lead to sustainable change.


Session 1: Impact of Stress

Session 2: Stress in Our Bodies

Session 3: Stress in Our Environment

Session 4: Mental Calm

Stress Intensive plus...

  • At-Home Practice

  • Skills Coaching

  • Group Learning

Four 1 Hour Sessions

Virtual Only

4-15 Participants*

*The group size for these sessions is intentionally small to foster an environment for in-depth skills practice that invites all participants to fully engage. Depending on availability, we may be able to run several cohorts simultaneously.

Consulting for Management

Meet with our  lead trainer and Psychologist for in-depth consultation to address particular stress management issues that your company or organization is facing.

Concepts & Skills Addressed

  • Assessing Culture

  • Employee Care 

  • Organizational Health

  • Culture Development


Virtual or In-Person

1-3 Participants

Management Level

Individual Coaching

Our therapists are available to provide one-on-one coaching to aid personal performance and satisfaction at work. Coaching is different from therapy and focuses on the development and implementation of strategies to reach your goals.



Zoom Meeting

1 Participant

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Explore More Trainings

We offer trainings in 3 key learning areas: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Stress Management, and Relational Leadership. You can also view our full list of offerings by downloading our catalog.

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