Stress Management Trainings

At Artesian Collaborative our goal is to help individuals and teams navigate tense, scary and difficult situations in order to continue moving forward. In our stress management courses, we thrive on guiding teams into places of vulnerability, providing support and skills so they can move towards health and growth. 

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Stress Management in Uncertain Times

Live Coaching for Current Events

As times change there will always be uncertainty. This discussion-based seminar will help your team examine the emotional impact of destabilizing events (COVID-19, returning to work and the ongoing tension of racial injustice to name a few).

These sessions include a brief didactic about emotional functioning and how stress management practices are especially important in our present situation. Participants will receive validation for their experiences and gather resources and support to help them continue to weather uncertainty.


The the remainder of the time is left open for participants to ask specific questions about their circumstances and receive real-time coaching from Dr. Sunitha Chandy. 

Even if you've done this training with us before, it remains valuable as a regular check-in for teams to receive live coaching and real time support.


Custom webinar and in-person options available. Any group size.

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Surviving the 9-5

4-Session Stress Management Bootcamp

This training series uses practical exercises and group discussion to identify how stress impacts your life and give you tools to reduce the toll stress takes on your body. You'll learn the steps to buffer yourself from the negative effects of stress and skills for cultivating a focused and calm mindset.


Each session teaches a skill and provides activities for practice in between sessions to build accountability and group support. Live coaching, feedback and support to effectively implement skills are provided each session.

Session 1: How stress impacts our lives

Session 2: Reducing stress in our bodies

Session 3: Skills for self/community care

Session 4: Building a calm mindset


4 custom sessions on Zoom. 10-12 participants per cohort.

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Communicating in the Chaos

Beyond the Basics of Stress Management

Feeling overwhelmed with how to tackle the dynamics on your team when the work piles up and everyone is stressed? Do you find yourself avoiding or trapped in tense and frustrating interactions at work?  This course goes beyond the basics of addressing your personal experience of stress and expands into practical steps to engage with others in stressful situations and environments. Through exercises and discussion, our training will equip you with strategies to tolerate increased stressors, deescalate tense interactions and recenter your team so you can do the work of overcoming the obstacles in front of you.  Learning skills to identify and address emotional intensity, accept roadblocks and actively participate in the midst of tension is key so problems get solved and your team makes it through stronger and ready for the next challenge.


4 custom sessions on Zoom. 4-12 participants per cohort.

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Vulnerability and Care

Creating Healthier Workplaces

We know our jobs are stressful, so why is self-care so hard? We live in a culture where to admit weakness, struggle or stress makes you vulnerable to being labeled as not good enough. We’d rather push through and deal with the damage than be judged or seen as less by our peers. The effort we put to building up those walls only reduces the energy we have to address the challenges in front of us. In this training your teams will get the resources needed to normalize stress and vulnerability, develop skills to care for themselves, and create work environments that care for the team so that energy and effort can shift from self-protection into team innovation. 


Custom webinar and in-person options available. Ideal group size no more than 20 participants.