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Book Review: Come As You Are

Come as You Are is a wonderful resource that can help you explore your sexual health and help you transform your sex life. What I love about this book is that it explains the new science of sexual health, and it does it so well that you are bound to have an “aha!” moment when reading the book. Nagoski takes a systematic approach, explaining the new science of sexual health, which takes into account all topics that may be impacting your sexual health such as behaviors, biological and psychological influences, and social pressures.

The book goes more into detail and is divided into four parts:

  1. The (Not-So-Basic) Basics

  2. Sex in Content

  3. Sex in Action

  4. Ecstasy for Everyone.

Furthermore, this book is filled with lots of tools, resources, and answers that can be helpful to explore. I often use this resource with my clients, both individuals and couples, when exploring, validating, and supporting their needs as it comes to their own sexual health. I would recommend this book to women and/or couple’s looking to learn, grow, and receive the support they need as it pertains to their sexual health.

Review written by Artesian Collaborative Therapist, Jackie Chavez, AMFT.


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