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Book Review: Hold Me Tight

Reviewing Hold Me Tight, a book by Dr. Sue Johnson

Sue Johnson makes the confusing world of relationships easier to understand with her conversational writing style, storytelling, and activities for couples to practice, all with the science and research to back it up.

Dr. Johnson’s playful tone in Hold Me Tight draws you in and normalizes difficult situations anyone may find themselves in throughout their romantic relationships. Within this book, Johnson intertwines an experienced passion for working within relationship conflict, thoroughness of theory, and simplistic clarity in explanation. Through this she leads you through her “Seven Transforming Conversations”:

  1. Recognizing the Demon Dialogues

  2. Finding the Raw Spots

  3. Revisiting a Rocky Moment

  4. Hold Me Tight-Engaging and Connecting

  5. Forgiving Injuries

  6. Bonding Through Sex and Touch

  7. Keeping Your Love Alive

Johnson explains how multiple variables that affect us in different stages of our lives impact the way we engage in our relationships. Better understanding allows us to move from anger with, and withdrawal from, our partners, to a deeper understanding and higher level of compassion.

This book changed the way I see the world. I hope you experience a ‘lightbulb moment’ too.

Review written by Artesian Collaborative Therapist, Ben Tudor, M.A.


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