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Recovering From the Marathons of Life With Dr. Sunitha Chandy

People Business Podcast with O'Brien McMahnon

"Resilience is the ability to push in moments and stay strong when there is a crisis... But it is also resilient to bunker down and cover [someone] while the storm is happening."

- Dr. Sunitha Chandy

Artesian Collaborative’s Dr. Sunitha Chandy joined the People Business podcast with O’Brien McMahon for another engaging conversation. Listen in as they explore the challenges we encounter in both our personal and professional lives, providing valuable insights on how to recover and thrive after life's many marathons.  Drawing from her 20+ years of experience as a licensed clinical psychologist, she offers practical advice on stress management, resilience building, and achieving balance.

Listen in to discover relatable stories, actionable tips, and a fresh perspective on maintaining mental health and well-being throughout the many marathons we run in life.

You can listen to the full podcast episode here

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Time Codes

(1:33) Meet Dr. Sunitha Chandy

(2:23) Emerging from the pandemic was a marathon, not a sprint (O’Brien’s experience)

(4:30) Some people were struggling before the pandemic

(5:43) How do we get back to baseline after something like a pandemic?

(6:47) How was it for Dr. Chandy getting back to her first big event post-COVID?

(7:18) What are our physiological needs, and how did the pandemic help us learn those limits?

(9:05) What do grit and resiliency look like in the current circumstance?

(10:34) What if I am not up to doing more hard things?

(11:11) Self-reflection and self-doubt about our own grittiness during the pandemic

(12:46) How do we refill the “resiliency tank”?

(16:44) Ice bath/sauna; physical/mental reset (ask O’Brien for more details)

(20:39) How can we reconnect with friends in a meaningful way?

(23:23) What can we communicate intentionally with people we care about?

(24:26) People are feeling disconnected

(27:22) When is it time to stop ruminating and start pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone?

(29:49) The importance of play


Let's talk about the hard stuff.

Artesian Collaborative is a mental health practice based in Chicago. We excel at guiding individuals and teams through tense and difficult topics - and helping them feel good about it.

Our therapists provide mental health counseling for individuals, couples, and families. Our team also leads corporate and community trainings in the areas of Stress Management, Diversity Equity & Inclusion, and Relational Leadership.


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