Book Review: Man's Search for Meaning

Reviewing Man's Search for Meaning, a book by Viktor E. Frankl

This is a soul-shaking read of heartbreak and resilience. The book is split into two parts: the first half a memoir of Dr. Frankl’s time as a prisoner in Nazi concentration camps, the second half explains his psychological theory entitled logo-therapy. Calling on both his work with his patients, as well as his own experiences, Frankl posits that nothing is more important in life than finding one’s meaning. Though suffering is inevitable, we always have the power to decide how we will respond, and our response is dictated by what we find most meaningful.

I wish we could all have a fraction of the clarity and strength in the most dire of situations as Dr. Frankl. This book could prove useful for anyone in the midst of struggle, or someone looking for an existential reset in how they view themselves and the world. To call this work inspirational only scratches the surface of its power and depth.

Review written by Artesian Collaborative Therapist, Ben Tudor, M.A.