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Invest in the wellbeing of your team.

We offer therapist-led corporate workshops on mental health & wellbeing, DEIB, and emotional intelligence, customized to the needs of your organization.

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Learn from mental health professionals.

We offer live virtual and in-person Mental Health & wellbeing, DEIB, and Emotional Intelligence trainings led by professional therapists, customized to the needs of your organization.


We prioritize authentic interaction, providing the support and resources you'll need to navigate tense issues in a way that yields growth.

Training Moments

Change happens when we address underlying emotions and beliefs. As therapists, we're uniquely equipped to guide your team through that journey. 

From Why Bother with DEI? | How do I manage defensiveness in conversations about diversity?

From 3 Skills for Emotionally Intelligent Leadership |
Skill One: Coregulation

From Why Bother with DEI? | Is reverse racism real? 

What participants are saying...

My gender and culture both are in the minority here, but the openness to discuss and have your team articulate the problems using a solution focused lens - which is practical and feasible for us all - has been very helpful. I left the session very inspired and motivated, but more hopeful for the possibility of change.

Thank you for providing the space for the Leadership Team to connect, reflect and take-on additional resources as we continue to lead on this curvey uncharted path. If we don't take care of ourselves we are not offering our full selves personally or professionally.

The educational component of this training gave our people the tools to counteract burnout and compassion fatigue, took away the stigma around it, and left our team with a sense of hope. People felt comfortable being themselves, discussing questions out loud, and feeling understood.

We offer 3 types of workshops.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

We provide support in times of crisis and ongoing mental health development for teams. Our therapists will equip you with skills to navigate difficult issues in a way that reduces risk and builds resilience.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Oftentimes the barriers to inclusion are not due to lack of information. Rather, we encounter conflict and emotional roadblocks that keep our teams and organizations stuck. We can help you get unstuck.

Emotional Intelligence

Sometimes it seems that if we could only make our emotions disappear, work would be that much easier. In reality, emotions aren’t the problem. They're the key to finding solutions that move our teams forward.

Psychological Safety

As we explore more deeply together, we create a safe and supportive environment to be a participant with facilitators equipped to guide people into authentic and engaged interaction.

Trauma-Informed Care

Trainings that navigate difficult topics may bring up past traumas, conflicts, or triggers. We create safe spaces and manage such discussions with sensitivity and ethical concern.

Professional Expertise

Emotions are complex. We have therapeutic knowledge and real-life experience to help us teach tense concepts.

Why train with a therapist?

Change happens when we address underlying emotions. As therapists, we're uniquely equipped to guide your team through that journey. We bring:

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Interactive Facilitation

As trained therapeutic facilitators, we lead interactive activities, group discussions, and role-plays to foster deeper exploration and experiential learning. 

Individualized Guidance

Growth often requires personalized guidance and feedback. We can provide individualized support and insights that consider the specific challenges and strengths of each participant.

Nuanced Skills

Emotions-focused growth involves nuanced skills such as self-awareness and empathy. As therapists, we help participants understand these skills and learn how to apply them in real life.

AC Website Illustrations 2022 Update-17.png
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