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How to Stop Negative Self-Talk at Work

By Jackie Chavez M.A.

Man starting at computer screen with expression of concern. When we're gripped by negative self-talk at work, it can freeze us in our tracks.

Negative Self-Talk Is…

an internal dialogue that limits our ability to believe in ourselves and achieve our goals. Recognizing what negative self-talk sounds like and how to reframe it is essential for learning how to stop negative self-talk from affecting you.

Here are some examples of how negative self-talk might sound at work and how we can stop it by reframing our thinking!

Examples of Negative Self-Talk at Work:

"I missed the deadline. I'm so unreliable."

Reframe: I don't always miss deadlines. Maybe I need to block off some time in my schedule to review upcoming due dates. I can give myself grace and make adjustments for next time.

"I didn't get the promotion. I'll probably never make it here."

Reframe: Maybe I need to look more carefully at the reasons why I didn't get promoted. Maybe it didn't have to do with my performance - it could have been due to things outside my control. I may end up getting the promotion in the future.

"I made a mistake on that presentation. I'm a failure."

Reframe: I need to give myself grace. Everyone makes mistakes. I can learn from my mistakes and adjust how I practice my presentation next time.

"If I take a break, everything will fall apart without me."

Reframe: Even if I take a break and everything falls apart, it's an opportunity to step back and re-evaluate how much I've put on my plate. Who can I ask for help with my workload, or to help pick up the slack while I'm away?

We hope this helps you identify some of the ways negative self-talk may be affecting you. Part of changing our behavior is changing the way we relate to ourselves. Learning to reframe negative self-talk is a great step in that journey!


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